Baby Budget Breakdown

Have you kept track of how much you spent on your baby; preparing for their arrival and their first year?

Well Baby Cobi is still only 3 months old, but we have spent quite the bit and we're a "budget" family. I do admit to going a little crazy buying fabric, scrapbooking and other DIY project supplies, half of which I haven't/didn't even use. The only things I actually made from all the fabric I bought was a stuffed owl, burp cloths, bibs and a minky blanket. Sometimes I don't make things because it's cheaper, but because I like making them. I still have a long list of things I plan to make for his nursery... when I get the money.

Here is the breakdown of what we've spent thus far:

Cloth diaper stash - $500, then another $280 when the first stash didn't work for our little guy.
Arms Reach Co-sleeper - $160
Rocking chair - $400
Clothes - $150 (lots of craigslist, consignment and clearance.)
Carseat - $100
Misc items: organization, supplies like nose freida, frames, hangers, humidifier, car mirror, crib sheet, etc $130
Changing table: $15, plus supplies to fix it, $20 (craigslist)
Diaper bag: $30
Breast pump: $50 (brand new at JBF sale.)
Camera baby monitor: $80
Fabric and paper for DIY projects (bibs, blanket, burp cloths, curtains, stuffed owl) : $101.07
Paint, wood, nails etc for projects (dresser, cube storage etc): $110.29
Organic Hand-Tufted Wool Mattress topper: $204
Crib: $187.68
Organic mattress: $115.68
Food: Breastfeeding (free)
Childcare: SAHM (free)

Total: $2633.72

Additional clothes, toys, activity gym, blankets, baby feeding supplies, swing: all gifted from shower.

There were a few more items we got with money that was gifted to us by friends and family, part of his crib was paid for with a gift card we got, as well as his MP3 player and speakers (for lullabies and white noise) and some clothes he needed as well.

I look at that number and my jaw drops, but then I think about how much more I COULD have spent, if I hadn't gotten so much of our needs as hand me downs and gifts; or if we'd chosen "better" items like a $500+ crib. Of course this number is going to go up. Since he's in our room, I never made his curtains, so I still need to purchase some stuff for that, I also plan to make his crib sheets, crib skirt and crib blanket. As well as a mobile, and perhaps a book sling.
I wish I had found all these tutorials and ideas while I was pregnant.

Do you think I spent a lot so far, or is it less than most/what is expected?

Here are a few tips to keep costs low:

-Shop for clothes, toys, bouncers, high chairs, baby gates, and other items you can use used at garage sales, city-wide sales, consignment sales like JBF, craigslist and even asking friends if they have any hand-me-downs they need to get rid of!

-Keep an eye out for the 20% off coupons from Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. Both send out those coupons consistently. For our carseat, BRU was having a trade-in event; for trading in an old carseat we got a 25% off coupon in addition to our 10% registry completion discount.

-Lots of stores like Carters and The Children's Place send out really valuable coupons when their stores are already having huge events like 40-50% off the entire store.

-Avoid buying too many baby things before your shower!

-If you can DIY some things, it can be cheaper. Like baby bedding: they don't need a quilt and many parents are opting to not use crib bumpers either. DIY a crib skirt and sheets and you're good to go!

-Consider creating a registry on some sites you love their products but don't plan to make public. I had just a few items I wanted from Land of Nod, so I created a short, simple registry and was able to use the 10% completion discount.

-Sign up for Similac and other formula-brand newsletters and mailing lists as they send out many free sample tins of formula

-Pick up goody bags at BRU and Motherhood Maternity when you shop/register there, they often have fun little savings in there.

What are some saving tips you've used with baby?

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