8 Month Update

Happy 8 months bubba-boo!! You can do so many things now and you are learning many new tricks. It is a joy to be your mother and witness these amazing milestones. Your daddy and I love to spend every moment we can just playing with and watching you. You are such a joy to be around and a crazy awesome blessing to this little family.

You are officially a crawling boy!! First you were doing the worm crawl which was so funny and cracked everyone up - but you were fast and it got you where you needed to go. Just this past weekend you actually started to really crawl on your hands and knees. You picked it up so quickly and love your newfound freedom.

You are getting really skilled with your hands and you love to try to feed yourself. The food doesn’t always make it to your mouth, but you make such a great effort.

Speaking of food… you did your first baby sign! You have become quite impatient while eating, so I’ve been trying to teach you some goo d manners; you signed “more” for the first time on October 15. It was the cutest thing ever and you were so proud of yourself that you did it five more times in that meal.

You can finally sit up unassisted. Although you do prefer to crawl and explore rather than sit in one place.


You have found your voice. Although you are still quiet in new places and with new people; at home you yell and talk and sing all you want. When we’re in the car you yell in the backseat nearly the whole time and I think it’s the funniest thing I just laugh and laugh, which you love. 

You also love to spit. A lot. Sometimes this even happens with food in your mouth… tsk tsk!!

Sleep is a hit or miss right now. You were sleeping pretty awesome; consistently through the night at least 1-2x a week and otherwise only waking once. But then we moved and all of a sudden your sleep really regressed. We’ve been in our new place for three weeks, and you still wake up 2-3x a night; and once is usually within 2-3 hours of you going to sleep. You won’t sleep long stretches anymore. You have slept through the night once since we moved (7pm-6:30am, then from 7-8:30). You naps are perfect though - two naps that are each 1.5 hours long. 

Oh my lanta boy you love to eat! you are your fathers son. You are constantly trying new foods and there is nothing you don’t like. This month you’ve eaten, squash, lentils, beef, bbq shredded chicken, vegetable soup, sausage veggie soup, rutabagas, beets, purple kale, beans, parsnip, pumpkin, onion and many more. You really love food. I am hoping that this is a sign that you will NOT be a picky eater! You eat a lot though; sometimes you can out eat me. And you never really seem done, it’s just that you finish eating all the food I give you.

You also are still nursing 6+ times a day; you are definitely getting enough calories for sure! I cannot believe you are still so little given how much you eat!

You are still a little peanut who fits into 3-6 month clothes!! You are finally wearing your 6 month outfits, and most of your 6-9 months even though they are a tad bit big. 6-12 is still hopelessly big on you and will take a few months to grow into. In Carters (which runs small) you can wear some of the 9 month items; however they are big still. 6 months fits you perfectly. 

You had a really busy month!
October 1st we moved into a new apartment, and our friend Olya watched you (she has a little boy a year older than you) while we moved. It has definitely been an adjustment for you getting used to your new space; but I think you love it. You have a lot more space to roam and play. Our new apartment is less square footage, but the living room and your bedroom are bigger than our old place. We love our new place too; it’s brighter and overlooks a park with a pond so the view is much better than our old townhouse. It’s smaller which means less to clean. It’s the perfect amount of space for our little family.

Then the second week in October, we jetted off to New York for your Aunt Shannon’s wedding. You were the ring bearer and a mighty cute one!! You did SO good traveling and being carted to all the different wedding and family events. You are such a trooper. 

We also went to the grand opening at a new nature center in Maple Grove; we took a long 2 mile walk on the nature trails (you slept in the baby carrier on daddy the whole time!), saw a real live owl, took lots of pictures and hung out as a family. I think that’s where we want to have your first birthday party! 

You had a playdate with your cousin Diego who is about 5 months older than you; you absolutely ADORE him and watch every little thing he does. You also let him “beat you up”; he sits on you and hits your head and you think it’s hilarious. You two are really funny to watch!

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