7 Months Old!

I am sorry this is late.. because I was delayed writing Cobi's 6 month post, it delayed subesequent updates. My apologies!

::09.22.12::Seven Months Old::

7 months old baby!! I have to tell you that the last three months I’ve been in denial about you growing older. I was excited for you to reach 1 month old, 2 months,, 3 months and 4. But once you hit 5 months old, you just seemed too old to me! And today… you are 7 months. 

Developmental Milestones:
So much has happened this month; you are learning a lot and growing so fast.
You started pulling yourself onto your hands and knees - you look ready to start crawling any day now. You first did this 09/14, and by the end of the weekend you were rocking back and forth on your knees and pushing yourself forward! Such a big boy!

You try to pull yourself up now when you’re on your belly. We have to lower your crib to the lowest setting now because you can hold onto the rails. I think you’ll be pulling yourself onto your knees so soon. 

You can sit up while supporting yourself with your hands, but you can’t quite sit up unassisted yet. 

You are so mobile! You may not be able to crawl yet, but scooting, turning around and rolling is your mode of transportation. You move so quickly and efficiently. You don’t seem frustrated that you can’t crawl yet because you find ways to get away anyhow!

You got your first two teeth this month too!! September 7th your daddy noticed something sharp in your mouth. In less than a week you got a second tooth too! Now both your bottom two teeth are completely grown in and I can only imagine how quickly you’ll be getting your top two teeth.

You actually talk a little bit less now. You tend to spend more time observing your surroundings as opposed to talking. You are a little more wary of strangers and new surroundings now, but there is no separation anxiety yet. You just like to watch and observe. 

You do like yell though - it’s so funny. You babble a little in a sing-song voice and you are still smiley and happy all the time - you love to laugh and definitely laugh the most for daddy!

Woohooo sleep is finally AMAZING!! This month you have had five times that you completely slept through the night and I could not be more thrilled. You go to bed perfectly around 7pm and the times you slept through the night, you sleep until 6:30am or 7. However, most nights you still wake up once between 4-6am for a feeding and then go back down for a few more hours. You sleep about 12 hours each night. 

Your naps have finally balanced out as well and you have great day-sleep! Your morning nap is usually 1.5 hours and your afternoon nap is about 2 hours. You are SO much happier because your sleep is finally just about perfect. I am so thankful!

Oh my goodness you love to eat. You have tried so many foods this month and love love love meal times. You are now eating three meals a day and have recently started eating what we eat for the most part. There is no food you don’t like. You will eat whatever we give you. You eat a lot too! I was not expecting that. You haven’t masted the ability to eat with your own hands yet; but we’re working on it and sometimes you try. You eat a good balance of purees and more texture foods. 

Even though you eat three meals a day, you are still nursing quite a bit too. You nurse in the morning, then before your two naps, once in the late afternoon and then again before bedtime. Most nights you have a middle of the night/really early morning feeding as well, so it’s still 4-6x in a 24 hour period. 

Even with how much you eat, you are still in most of your 3-6 month clothes! I am baffled. You’re still in the in between stage where the 6-9 month items are too big. You probably won’t fit into them until you are 9 months old it seems. 

The weather has significantly cooled down now so you need to grow to fit into your fall/winter clothes now. We had to pack up all your 3-6 month summer clothes and that doesn’t leave you with many options!

We try not to be too busy because you will seldom nap outside the house anymore. You either need your pack-n-play set up in a quiet place, or at home in our own crib. You did surprise us the other day on a shopping trip you fell asleep in the Beco baby carrier for about half an hour and we were shocked! You hardly sleep in the car, and if you do, it’s never for long. 

Mostly our adventures consist of going to the gym a few times a week, grocery shopping, hitting up thrift stores or garage sales or hanging out with our friends and family.

Your cousin Diego turned a year old this month and we attended his birthday party - you two love each other! It’s so cute to watch you two interact.

You also started swimming lessons this month. You still have an emotionless reaction to the water. You simply want to watch everyone else and see what’s going. I almost got a smile out of you when you “jumped” into the pool though! I’m hoping you will love the water and show more excitement shortly.

You DO love the bath however- you splash around a ton and try to crawl in the tub as well.

Happy seven months Jacobi - I love watching you grow! You are so precious to me and I am so proud of the smart little boy you are. love love love you!

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