Style Report: Travel Wear

One thing that I always think about ahead of time is what I'm going to wear when traveling or flying. I want to be comfortable, but not look house-bum. For myself I have found my favorites comfortable pieces for travel that don't sacrifice style either. However, this year was my first year traveling with a baby as well! I needed to choose something for Cobi to wear that would be comfortable for him, and work with the varying temperatures of being outside, the airport, the plane and our final destination. Of course I wanted him to look cute most of all!

This outfit is very simple, but adorable and practical. The long sleeve onesie provides warmth from chilly airplanes, and the babylegs are versatile in that they are easy to take off when in warmer temperatures but provide cozy warmth in cooler places.

Striped Whale Onesie: Circo Brand by Target (in stores)
Argyle Leg Warmers: Babylegs

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  1. This outfit is so cute! Love the onesie and the BLs! I can't wait to dress LO in BLs!