5 Months Old

So much has happened this month - I feel like I am going to miss something. You have become a busy, busy little boy who is learning too much too fast for this mama to keep up with!

playing with your toes!

Developmental Milestones:
Last month you were just starting to try to hold onto things, at 5 months you can now take hold of things, hold onto it, bring it to your mouth and chew on it. You can almost put your pacifier in your mouth on your own, you've gotten it a few times and I'm so proud of you! We are anxiously awaiting the day we don't have to hold the pacifier in your mouth for you!!

reading books with daddy

You can sit up in the bumbo so well. We also sat you in your chicco clip-on high chair for the first time this month and you looked so big, and so little at the same time.

People cannot believe your strength. When someone holds you, you can grasp their hands firmly, and you stand firmly on your legs

On Saturday, July 21, you rolled over from you back to your tummy for the first time EVER! You then proceeded to roll from your tummy to your back after that. Even though you've been able to roll from your tummy to your back for several weeks now, and have come close to rolling (you love rolling onto your side to play) - it was exciting to see you roll onto your tummy for the first time.

rocking out to country - a boy after his momma's heart!

You are so involved in your environment now. You want to play or do something all the time now. You are so great at actually playing with your toys. You love your playmat, and we give you one toy at a time. When you're in your bouncer or swing chair, we can hand you a toy and you will contentedly play and gnaw on the toy for about 20 minutes. You are still so patient with us while we shower, clean or prepare meals. You love to watch us "do life". You also are becoming intrigued with books and you intently listen and look at the pages while we read to you.

You love to coo, squeak, squawk, oooh, aaah, ga, goo, and make high pitched little squals. You love experimenting with all the sounds your little voice can make and it's so funny listening to you as you discover you can change the pitch in your voice. You are obsessed with high-pitched squeals right now, but only two weeks ago you loved to gurgle while cooing.

babywearing in the Maya wrap- you love this ring sling!

You laughed for the first time this month too! It was the most beautiful sound ever. Actually your first real laugh was with Grandma Cheryl while we were on vacation, June 28. You laughed for me a week or two later. Although your daddy has said you laughed for him before. At 5 months, you laugh every time we play peekaboo, and sometimes you laugh when I give you lots of kisses!

laughing at daddy playing Peek-a-boo

Your sleep has finally gotten {a little } better! You now are only getting up about twice a night. You have a rough time going to bed initially, and it now takes about three hours to get you to sleep for the night, but you are usually asleep around 11pm. Occasionally you will wake up at 1:30am for a feeding, but lately it's been 4am instead. Last night it was 5am! Then you usually sleep in until 8-8:30am. You sleep in your crib all night long, you're not in our bed at all. I do miss you a lot, because I love our night time snuggles - but we BOTH sleep best in our own beds and that is most important!

asleep in the carseat after beach day

You are still swaddled in order to go to sleep and stay asleep. Although, since you can now roll over, we will have to wean you from your swaddle pretty soon. I do dread this because you do sleep so well. I don't want to mess with a good thing! But I know it can be a hazard for you to sleep swaddled in case you roll over and get stuck. Although you haven't tried rolling ever while being swaddled, so I will hold off. Hopefully by 6 months you will be sleeping unswaddled.

You are still a great day-napper, however I think our multiple vacations this month threw you for a loop and although you napped great on vacation, your naps haven't been the same since coming home. But I do think you'll get back into your little groove soon enough.

We are trying to hold off until the six month mark to officially start solids, however we did give you a few more tastes! You tried an avocado and a banana puree and loved BOTH. I am getting very excited for you to eat food! I think you will love it and make it really fun for us.

You nurse 8-10 times a day. Sometimes you go 2 hours between a feeding, and sometimes four. It all depends on your mood!

You are still in a few of your 0-3 months clothes, but not many. You are mostly in 3-6 months clothes. They fit perfectly, you can wear just a couple 6-12 month items, but they are still big on you.

My favorite things to dress you in are jeans and a polo, stripes, and legwarmers and onesies.

We went to Lake Vermilion on a family vacation at the end of June with my side of the family which was so fun! It was your first time in a lake! You did so great the whole week; you napped and slept great! You did have an allergic reaction to your sunscreen while we were there. But we found you a different one that worked.

Meeting your Auntie Brittany for the first time, and Cousin Diego giving baby kisses!

A week later, we went to New York and you met your grandparents for the first time! You also met your aunts, uncles, two cousins, and several great aunts, great uncles and even your two great grandma's! You did so well the whole trip as well. In New York you went in a pool for the first time AND you went in the ocean! You were a busy, busy boy this month.

Mommy and Cobi at the ocean!

When I realized last week you were going to turn 5 months on Sunday, July 22. I honestly cried! You are getting too big, too fast. I wish I could keep you this size for another 6 months. You are so fun, so affectionate (yes- you give us kisses now!), engaged, intrigued, and happy. I love you so much Jacobi, you bring so much joy to my life!

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