4 Month Update 5.22-6.22

Oh Jacobi, Jacobi! What a sweet bundle of joy you are! At 4 months old you are a smiley, happy, cooing machine! You love attention, kisses and hugs. You smile every time we kiss you like it's the best thing ever. You are becoming very aware of your surroundings and love interacting with the world around you. You are still such a good little boy and completely content to sit and watch me do what I need to do.

helping mama do diaper laundry

You are so good about doing life with me. You love to hang out in your bouncer chair while I cook, you talk the whole time and I tell you exactly what I'm doing. You also sit happily in your chair while I shower and do my hair - as long as you can see me you're completely content! I love that you ADORE snuggles and cuddles, but are okay with being set down as well. You love doing your laundry! You lay on your bedroom floor and watch me.

milk coma

Playtime: you will lay on your floor mat and now you can actually grab at the toys. there is one toy that is a rainbow with chimes hanging from it, you just learned that if you grab the chimes and shake them, they make noise. I think it's become your new favorite toy! You are getting so good with your hands. You aim could still use a little perfecting, but you have great hand prehension already. We started sitting you in your bumbo recently as well, you only last a few minutes until your head bobbles too much. But your head strength is getting so strong. I'm sure within this next month you'll be able to sit in it just fine.

You are a GREAT napper, 3-4 naps a day ranging from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours! HOWEVER, your night sleep has regressed dramatically. If you look at the past monthly updates, you were sleeping pretty well, waking about 2x a night to eat. Right when you hit 3 months old, you started waking 5-7x a night, often eating every hour. I figured it was a phase and waited it out. Well, a month has gone by and you are a terrible little night sleeper! Here's to hoping this next month gets better!

We did buy you a crib, mattress and organic wool mattress topper and started transitioning you into your room. I miss you so much! But you spend the mornings in our bed, so it's okay! You sleep there until about 5-6am then join us in our bed. Daddy and I love our morning snuggle time with you.

"Don't worry mom, I got him!!"

This month you had your first taste of real food! I kind of did it as a joke, I didn't expect you to actually like it so much! I had some pear sauce (like applesauce) and gave you a tiny bit, you didn't spit it out and you got really excited; waving your arms and kicking your legs. You wouldn't take your eyes off of the pear container and got excited when I gave you more. It was so cute!

Sadly, this month we faced our first real "illness". We both got thrush, and you went on a nursing strike because of it. You would drink from a bottle though, and it was really emotional for me to feel like I couldn't feed you. We went to the doctor and got a prescription for a topical solution. Yours cleared up quickly but mine didn't - here's hoping this clears up soon baby boy! We're trying a homeopathic remedy now.

Speaking of your doctors appointment: we went when you were 3.5 months old. Your weight was 12 lbs 11 oz and were 23.75" long! That's amazing babe- you grew an inch in a month! You're growing up so fast. You are 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height. Gonna be tall like momma and daddy ;)

I love you so much and I am totally loving your baby-hood. You are a perfect little boy.

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