I remember back when my littlest sister was born, I was 15. My mom got depressed when her oldest moved on to college, and had another baby to make herself feel young again. It's pretty funny for us to have a sister young enough to be our niece or even daughter. Now my parents have two grandsons and a 1st grader at home! I learned so much about babies and newborns when my sister was born though. One thing my mom taught me as about swaddling, it was a miracle worker! My little sister was swaddled with an Aden & Anais blanket until she was several months old. Although my memory is vague and I don't remember it very well, my mom said she was an escape artist when it came to swaddling, and they always had to double swaddle her. My son is now at that point. He is 15 weeks old today and totally dependent on swaddling for sleep.

Grandma showing the new daddy how to swaddle

The proud papa showing off his mad swaddling skills!

A happily swaddled baby!

Fast forward to today. Jacobi is 15 weeks old today and the master con artist of swaddling! We used the Summer Infant swaddle sacks in infant size until the past couple weeks, he outgrew them at 12 lbs. We now have used the Kiddopotamus swaddle sacks that are a little big for him (14-22 lbs). He can break out of them pretty quickly though. At night we take an Aden & Anais and do the double swaddle, then wrap him in his kiddopotamus sack. It has worked great and he has yet to break out.

During the day I don't always swaddle for naps, and more often than not, he breaks free and wakes up to play with his hands. I wish he'd use his hands to self-soothe instead of play!

>Breakout during naptime!

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