The Double Swaddle

A continuation of my swaddling post, this is a tutorial on how to do the double swaddle.

This swaddle technique is seriously breakout-proof. At less than three months Cobi was busting out of his swaddles.

This is how to do the double swaddle. We put a swaddle sack (shown is the kiddopotamus swaddle sack) over the double swaddle, however you can also use a sleep sack.

1. Lay baby on the straight edge of the swaddle blanket (we use Aden & Anais blankets).
2. Tuck one side of the fabric over one arm
3. Bring the blanket underneath the baby's back. Don't pull too tight lest you hurt the baby's arm, but their arm should be straight by there side.
4. Repeat on the other side
5. Bring the rest of the blanket between the baby's legs
6. Fold up toward their head
7. lay it straight across their body. Now, the blanket will be long and cover their face, so foldover the top as you lay it across them.
8. Bring one side of the fabric around, under their body and tuck up under the other side so that the tail end of that fabric rests on their stomach, on the other side.
9. Do the same with the other side, bring the blanket all the way around their body.
10. Done with the double swaddle! You can tuck the tail end into their leg, or leave it. I generally just leave it, since I then put Cobi into a swaddle sack.
11. Put swaddled baby into swaddle sack
12. a perfectly swaddled baby!

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