2 Month Update - 3.22-4.22

Between 4 and 5 weeks you learned how to nurse lying down in bed, which I LOVED because then I didn't have to get out of bed to feed you in the rocking chair. You sleep with me in our bed, so nights have become so much easier.

Two days before you hit 6 weeks old, you smiled for the first time! It melted my heart so much I cried. It was big and beautiful, I was just talking to you and telling you how much I loved you when your whole face lit up and you smiled with every facet of your face. By 8 weeks old, you're smiling ALL the time! It doesn't take much effort to see that happy face.

smiles for daddy!

By the end of the month, you can almost hold your head up all by yourself - you're so close! It's fun to see how strong you're getting.

At 6 weeks you outgrew your first piece of your newborn clothing; the outfit you wore home from the hospital. It was a little sad for me! At 2 months old you are still wearing several newborn sized outfits, but you also fit into MOST of your 0-3 month outfits.

Your daily schedule is GREAT. You wake up between 8:30-9am, we eat breakfast (you nurse, then lay contentedly in your swing with the bird mobile on while I make my breakfast), then I check my email. You then get bored in the swing, so we go upstairs to get your diaper changed and pick your clothes. We usually both shower together in the morning too. After showering and getting dressed, it's been about two hours and it's time for your first morning nap around 11am! I nurse you and lay with you in our bed until you fall asleep. You sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, each day is different!

In the afternoon, we play on the floor together - between 7 and 8 weeks old you started actually engaging in play with your floor activity mat and acting interested in the toys that hang on it. You seem to really like the yellow giraffe with different colored feet, you always stare at that one! Since the weather has been SO nice this Spring, we usually go for an afternoon walk too. You take another late afternoon nap, then are awake from 6pm on. At 7:30pm we start your bedtime routine, change into your pajamas, nurse and lay in bed until you fall asleep, usually between 8:30-9. You wake up twice a night to nurse, since we co-sleep the nights are very easy on me! You as well, you never wake up crying because your "food" is always ready right there!

The longest period of time you've ever stayed awake is 3.5 hours - but you've only done that once! You usually only stay awake for up to 2 hours before you show signs of being tired. You do still need help falling asleep, either nursing, a pacifier or being rocked.

During the day, we like to have "music time". I turn on songs, and sing them to you. So far, your favorites (the ones you engage in being sung to) seem to be, "Safe" by Phil Wickham, "Glad you Came" by The Wanted and "Best Love Song" by T-Pain. Your daddy likes singing you Irish Folk music too! Haha!

You took your first bottle on April 7, at 6 weeks old. Daddy gave it to you and you loved it. I was so relieved, since that meant we could go out the next weekend. On April 14, your Uncle Nicholas came to babysit you for the first time. I was so nervous leaving you for six hours while we went to small group and game night with friends from church, but you were a perfect baby for Nicholas - as always! You took the bottle great and were happy almost the whole time. I was so proud of you!

We celebrated your first Easter this month. It was also the first day you went into the church nursery, until then we had been taking you into the service with us. You did great in the nursery.

My little Easter bunny

At 6 weeks I was able to start exercising again, so we renewed our YMCA membership, where they have free childcare. So at 6 weeks you went into "daycare" for the first time- and it was really hard for me! But you did great, you slept the whole time. We go to the gym 2-4 times a week now and so far you've done great in there.

You have such a pleasant, content and happy disposition Cobi! You are easy to please, easy to entertain and easy to take care of! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing baby. I love seeing your face light up when you smile, or the little squawks you make when you try to laugh, it's so cute! You are so peaceful and just love to sit in my lap and take in your surroundings. You do love being held, and you only let me put you down for maybe 10 minutes at a time (a huge leap from last month though!).

Napping in the moby!

You love being carried around in the moby wrap, if we are away from home during your naptime, you nap in the moby and absolutely love it. You sleep so peacefullly and love being close to mama! Sometimes, if we're with daddy, he carries you in the Beco Gemini and you love that too. If you had it your way, you'd sleep with us for every nap time - which I think sometimes you wake up on purpose knowing I'll give in and hold you! You're already so clever. You started cooing this month too. It's adorable to see you try to "talk" back to us. I love hearing your precious little voice.

At night and for naps, we still swaddle you because your moro reflex wakes you up, you end up rubbing your face with your hands and upsetting yourself. You sleep longer and deeper when you're swaddled, although your daddy thinks that it looks uncomfortable and unnatural!

Overall you are the perfect baby. I love you so much and you make my love being a mommy. You are so happy, so pleasant. You learned to smile two days before hitting 6 weeks and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

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