Choosing Our Crib

Last night was an exhausting night trying to keep Cobi sleeping in his bed, but I feel like we are making a little progress. He is sleeping in his bed for two hour stretches, it's better than it was, honestly. It's still not near where it should be, but we're making progress.

One friend asked me what my end goal was; I want him to sleep in his crib, in his room. She suggested that I just jump and purchase his crib because it will be a lot easier to get him to sleep in ONE place rather than getting him to sleep in his co-sleeper, then getting him to sleep in his crib. It's a lot of transitions and could really backfire. We've been looking into cribs and mattresses for a couple of weeks. And have it narrowed down to a few we like.

Some big factors for us:
Price: It has to be around or less than $200. We spent $200 on his organic hand-tufted wool mattress topper and wool puddle pad. Plus, we had spent $160 on his Arms Reach Co-sleeper - this boy is getting spoiled and he doesn't even realize it!
Quality: Obviously we want the crib to last! Hopefully through another baby... or two.
Convertibility: We would like the option of it growing with him, or at least one of our kids.
Style: of course! It has to look good, and it has to match the rest of his bedroom. I hate mismatched bedrooms. Right now all of his furniture is white, so we're looking at white cribs. Also, I tend to like styles a little different, I love the look of the Stork Craft Verona, but I can't get past the fact that, despite the two front panels being gorgeous, my baby will be upset that he won't be able to see out of the crib.

Given all the criterion, these are some of our favorites. We're mostly looking at walmart because Cobi got a gift card to Walmart after he was born. He's gotta pitch in too ;) (By the way - since we're looking at white cribs, all these cribs are outfitted with baby girl bedding. Ignore the pink ;))

The Baby Mod Dakota 4-In-1
Price: $169.00

Baby Mod Modena 3-In-1
Price: $199.00

Carter's Sleep Haven 4-in-1 Lifetime Crib
Price: $181.00 (from BJ's, with a $9.00 non-member surcharge)

And the gray version of the Baby Mod Modena

Price: $199.00

My husband's favorite is the gray crib. Since we live in a rental, he likes the option of having some furniture with color. We did do that with our dresser, the main part is white and we painted the drawers navy. I love how it turned out.

I just want to skip to the part where it's all chosen and put together :)

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