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The weekend is over! However for me, it's like it's just beginning. I have the awesome privilege of having the majority of the week off of work, though I'm spending most of it doing homework. (insert sad face here) But that's alright I guess.

Over the weekend I finished my Christmas shopping! Now I can't put on here what I bought for everyone, but I will give you a list of my favorite ideas for Christmas gifts!

1. Warm winter socks! I got a few of these, in stores they're 3 for $15. Very warm and comfortable (and cute!)

2. Bath and Body works foaming hand soap. I've had these in four different scents and they are amazing. Right now, they're 4 for $15 or 6 for $20.

3. Big warm furry hat! Woot Woot! Okay, I must say, this one is actually on my wishlist myself... but my adoring husband seems to think $35 is too much for a hat. I beg to digger. I personally tried this one on and love the comfy cozy feel!

4. Scarf. You can't go wrong with a scarf honestly, anyone and everyone will wear them. 

5. Journal or notebooks are always handy, believe me. Everyone is always needing to scribble down notes, addresses, phonenumbers, ideas etc. 

6. Something funny or quirky :) I received this "doodle book" once from a friend it is just the funniest thing.

This site honestly keeps me laughing, they have such original ideas. Check out their Post Cup mug too!

7. Games. May seem a little cheesy, but one of my family's favorite things to do on the holidays: play games.

8. My personal favorite cosmetic brand: Smashbox. Seriously, almost all their products are worth their prices (although I don't particularly care for their lipgloss, I prefer Covergirl outlast double lipshine).
Lid Primer
9. Now, some nice writing instruments to go with those handy journals and notebooks.
(my favorite kind of pen!) EnerGel Liquid Ink
(My favorite pen!) EnerGel Liquid Ink Pen

10. Spa Gift Card. 
Obviously this can be an expensive gift, but register at sites like livingsocial and groupon which usually offers about 50% off regular spa prices. They have a different offer everyday, ranging from local restaurants, to little shops/boutiques, spa services, and yoga/exercise classes.

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  1. Wreck This Journal from UO is AMAZING!