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Alright, so I love decorating. I adore it. Right before my husband and I got married, I was checking out interior design books everyday from the library. I had two favorites, Shabby Chic Interiors; Rachel Ashwell, and sadly I forgot the other one (It was like 7-8 months ago, I wish my library listed my "history" on my account page.. oh well.). Anyhow, I'm a fan of shabby chic decorating, light colors like beige, cream, pale green, soft pink, rustic charm, inexpensive knick knacks. Sadly, my vision for my home has yet to shine through. Partly lack of funds to decorate how I really want to, and partly that fact that where we're living lacks the "cottage charm" that I cherish. It's definitely a little more modern. Although we have adorable things here in there. Like our pale blue "Bless Our Nest" sign hung above our sliding glass door, our vintage beige table with cream colored chairs that have a pale blue paisley design on the seats, the pale green damask printed curtains hanging from the window, our custom made unity and memorial candles from our wedding along with a petite birdcage is fashioned above our cupboards and our adorable blue armoire that houses our cookbooks, china set and other odds and ends. (Almost all of our favoritest items were purchased from an amazing little store in the small town of Zimmerman, Minnesota, Ramshackled Treasures)
Here are pictures of two our treasures from the precious store (while they were still in the store):
(and I have to say, the prices were AWESOME. The armoire was 50% off at the time and we got it for $105, and the table and 4 chairs were only $200. Seriously, if you're ever in MN for some reason. GO HERE!)

Another treasure we love in our home is our "homemade lanterns". haha. We used them at our wedding, we bought several cases of mason jars, a large bag of sand and small candles. We made handles out of wire twine. They currently vacate the ledge which runs the length of our dining room/living room. I think it'll be a lot easier to decorate our home when we get a real house. Nothing seems permanent enough as of yet... But we'll get there eventually. 

Anyhow, this post all stemmed from stumbling upon a website where a darling couple had designed their home with so much charm and creativity, it made me jealous beyond all reason and inspired me to get off my butt and decorate!
The first picture I saw drew me in immediately:
This space seems so relaxed and charming. Plus I love built in bookshelves. They're so charming. And the window with the bed... ahh I would relish this. 

The homeowners said that what sold them on this house was the fact that it came with a treehouse... and I couldn't agree more, who could pass up a house with a treehouse!? They added the hammock, which I love. I think I've always been in love with hammocks. The Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, MN has a "hammock room", where I could stay forever. 
Anyhow, that was a sidetrack (will I ever be organized in my posts?! I don't think I can ever stick to just one thing... bear with me ;))

Okay what REALLY sold me on this adorable couple's house is the following picture. 
I adore the molding, with the sconces and the art... It's beautiful and classic. The couch is perfect. The symmetry in this room is intense, but in a calming way. If that makes sense?

Lastly... the boldness of the color is intriguing. I don't think many people would be so daring, but I love it!
To view the original post, go here.

Just ONE more. I saw this on the Design Sponge website as well, and it's my cup of tea.
This loft is adorable, with rustic charm. The fireplace and industrialized staircase is perfect. I love the large mirror propped up against the wall... If you continue looking at the loft, it's evident that charm doesn't end. 

Alright. Well I'll sign off. It's Saturday. I'm going shopping with my hubby.

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