Living Room Design Board

I am in the brainstorm phase of redoing my livingroom... my living room was never really done though... or even started. All of our furniture is secondhand and not in a shabby chic vintage gorgeous style... in an old, worn-out and mismatched style really. There is no cohesive design to our house and there never has been. Having a baby and designing his room has sparked the creativity and interior designer in me! I'm learning so much about aesthetic and design from pinterest and my favorite decor sites like West Elm and Pottery Barn.

With our tax refund we're going to get a gorgeous new grey couch from Pottery Barn - our couches are so old they give me tremendous back pain so it's a necessity to replace one. Since our apartment is small, we'll just be getting one couch and then maybe a bench or ottoman in place of the loveseat.

We're going with a yellow mustard, teal and grey color scheme and incorporating all the things I love in little ways: My family, the colors, owls, cameras and anchors. It sounds like they don't go together... at all.. and really it might be a total flop and they might not go to together... but in my head they sure do!

I must say pinterest is a budget-designers best friend these days: I have a whole stockpile of art to display that I got for free (legally, mind you!) and that just wouldn't have been possible without something like pinterest. amazing.

Here is my design board - beautiful is it not! I am so excited to get started.

We just purchased the yellow accent table to use as a media console underneath our mounted TV, and we scored the gray henna curtains for only $10 on clearance at Target. We will be buying the couch with our tax refund soon! I am so excited to get started on everything - although because of the cost of redecorating, I do think it will be a slow process. I am aiming to finish the LR before summer though! Even my inspiration board is full of deals! I will be making all my own pillows and spray painting many things I already have to upcycle them. 

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