Review: Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller

One thing I have learned is that there is no perfect stroller for <i>everyone</i> because everyone has different needs. Needs vary depending on budget, where you live, age and number of children, and many more criteria.
For me personally; I wanted a stroller that was three wheeled so I could use it for jogging if I started running post-pregnancy. I wanted something that worked with my carseat but not necessarily the “travel system” as I wanted to be able to ditch the carseat once my son hit 6 months and could ride in the stroller on his own. I wanted it to be easy to maneuver, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and to fit in the trunk of my Ford Fusion. Oh- and it had to be less than $250 so that if we didn’t receive it as a gift, we could afford it!
Enter the Jeep Liberty Stroller! 3 wheels, alternates between jogging and walking, works with <i>almost</i> any infant carseat, and at only $189 from Babies R Us I considered it a steal. We registered for it and amazingly enough received it as a gift from some family! We were so excited.
I have been using it for 8 months and decided it’s time for a thorough review now.
<b> Versatility </b>
I love the versatility of this stroller and it was one of the first things that attracted me to it! I love that this stroller is compatible with multiple infant carseats, not just one of the same brand. We purchased the Safety 1st OnBoard 35 McKenna infant seat and it fits perfectly into the stroller and has a restraint system that secures the seat into the stroller. We were able to use the stroller in the early newborn months, but now that my son is 8 months, we still use it all the time without the carseat. He actually enjoys it a lot more now that he can see out of the stroller.
The front wheel can lock for jogging.
<b> Safety </b>
The harness system works really well. The back wheels lock to brake the stroller and I have had no concerns for his safety while using the stroller.
<b> Size </b>
This is really the only disadvantage for me personally. Actually the size never bothered me until we recently moved to an apartment complex. It would be really nice to have a more compact stroller that would fit in our front closet; this is definitely too bulky even when closed to store in a small closet. However, it does fit nicely in our trunk however. The weight makes it a bit of a chore to put in and take out of the trunk, however it helps build my muscles so I cannot complain too much! It weighs over 30 lbs so it is on the heavier side for sure.

<b> Overall </b>
Overall I completely recommend this stroller! At only $180 it is, to me, the best value for a three wheel stroller that is also a travel system. I have used it for minimally jogging but mostly just walking. The versatility is really valuable to me and the value of the stroller outweighs the disadvantage of how bulky it is.

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