Wittlebee Box #2

We received our second Wittlebee box! I was even more excited about this one because I left much more detailed style notes and had my husband select the categories he liked. He chose "casual" and "preppy". Last box we had selected "preppy" and "hipster". These are the styles notes I left based on our last order:

PLEASE no Teddyboom. We also like American Apparel. We would only like animals if they're on pajamas. We need long sleeved items for fall/winter. And pants, like cute jeans, but no sweatpants.

No orange or red please, no licensed characters. We love stripes! They are our favorite. We also like select patterns, like chevron, and argyle. I would like to try the Tiny Whales brand

Firstly, we said no Teddyboom brand because that was the item in the last box that was the poorest quality and was damaged.
I am not a cutesy-baby style person. I don't like to dress Cobi in "baby" clothes. I prefer he looks like a little man. I guess I just don't understand the cutesy in boy clothes. For girls, maybe. For boys? No thank you. That's why I specifically requested no animals unless on pajamas.

We received so many tees last box, I wanted to be sure we received some long sleeved items (which we need) for fall/winter. I found out in the last box that 6-12 month size is big, and realized Cobi won't wear it for months. So what use would I have for short sleeves in December?

Also, I have enough casual pants such as sweatpants and it we received any pants I didn't need sweatpants. I just wanted to be very particular in what our needs were.

I was hoping that by elaborating on our favorite patterns; stripes, chevron and argyle - we might receive some cute items. Also - I was really hoping to try something from Tiny Whales as it looked adorable!!

How did they do?!



Even my husband was sorely disappointed in the box. I was so, so, so upset and disappointed. I was expecting it to be ten times better than the last box. They hardly followed our preferences as at all! I am so mad and my husband definitely plans to call customer service about how they didn't follow our preferences at all.

We received two pairs of pants, one long sleeve kimono bodysuit and two tees and one short sleeve bodysuit.

The two pants: Both are knit pants, similar to sweatpants. Exactly what I didn't want. The first pair is a tapered leg and the taper is a different color than the pant! I personally think it's ugly and too baby-ish. The brand is Bon Bebe.

The second pair is just hideous. The pants have feet. Now please answer me this; how practical is a pair of footed pants for a baby who is learning to scoot, crawl, stand and walk?! Not only are footed pants not very logical at this age, but (in my opinion) ugly. I didn't even put him in footed pants as a newborn. The brand is Sage Creek Organics.

The long sleeve kimono bodysuit I actually love. It's my second favorite item in the box. The brand is Kate Quinn Organics which I've heard great things about and the quality seems superb. It's cute, basic and long-sleeve as I requested.

The first tee is my absolute favorite items. Seeing as I love only two items in the box - that is saying something. I love love love this. And so does my husband! It is the Tiny Whales brand per my request and it is so cute. It is blue with anchors all over it, and one light blue anchor highlighted on the shirt. So adorable. The only downside is that it is short-sleeved, but I can easily layer it over a bodysuit or under a sweatshirt.

The second tee is American Apparel; very similar (actually, I think identical) to the other tee I received in my previous box. This one however is powder blue. It's a basic item. It is short sleeve though, and I wish I had received a long-sleeved item from American Apparel (I did highlight it as my favorite brand in the style notes).

This next item, the short sleeve bodysuit, really disappoints me. It went against nearly all my preferences. Firstly it is short sleeved, I asked for long sleeved items. Secondly, it has an animal on it, when I specifically requested NO animals unless they were on pajamas. Additionally, it is ugly and not even cutesy (which, occasionally I can deal with), it's just ugly. The brand is Bon bebe.

I am so, so, so very sorry to be so harsh about this box, but I really was so dissappointed when it is apparent they went about my specific preferences. I thought that leaving thorough style notes would be to my benefit and helpful to the stylists.

My husband pointed out that this box in no way is "preppy", it is uber casual. There is not one preppy item in the box, save for maybe the Tiny Whales tee.
Wittlebee, I'm so sorry. You disappointed me :(

One thing I did notice though was that the retail value of this box does seem significantly higher.
Sage Creek Organic Footed pants retail for $16.
Bon Bebe pants come in a set for $7.97, which equals to only $3.98 per item.
Bon bebe bodysuits are $5.00 each.
American Apparel tee retails for $10.
Tiny Whales tees retail for $30.
Kate Quinn Organics Bodysuits retail for $23.
Bringing the total value of this box to: $87.98
That is still less than the advertised $100 retail per box, but it is much closer than the last box.

As for what I will do about this box... it is in their policy that if you use a discount code, you are not eligible to return a box. I can understand that. I will keep the three items I like, and I will try to sell the three items I don't care for on Ebay.

I still want to love Wittlebee so so soo much. I think though that it may be a better option if I were to have a daughter. I have seen several of the girl boxes and they are too cute. I feel there is less error when it comes to girls clothes because there is a wider range of cute styles. My style for Cobi is pretty specific and limited and I suppose that might not be something I can trust another person to know.

I will try Wittlebee again if I ever have a daughter... although I may just try again if I see another great 50% off deal because I'm so in love with the idea of it. And maybe next time, I'll have a personal stylist CALL me instead.

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  1. Love your thorough reviews! I'm sooo disappointed in Wittlebee! They totally messed up my first month's box even after I left extensive comments and talked to a stylist. Since I was so disappointed the 1st time I made sure to leave even more notes and talk to a stylist again. I received my 2nd month's box and every single item was exactly the opposite of what I asked. I asked for light colors, pants you can pull up and down, and no graphics/characters/words. I only got these shirts with odd graphics and words on them in dark colors and the pants had buttons/zippers. Also, the items were in dark colors. I wonder if they even read the notes?? Anyways~ I could write a whole essay on this topic. I also noticed that the quality of most of the items wasn't that good~ not even up to par with Gap or Old Navy. I really wanted to love them too! Ended up stopping my subscription!