Labor Day Goodies

I didn't necessarily mean to spend a couple hundred dollars this weekend... but it happened. And I can't really say I regret it; firstly because I am very frugal and pleased with my super-saver shopping. And secondly because I haven't done a major shopping trip since long before Cobi was born. He has consumed all of my financial expenditures the last year.

Actually I am more excited about Black Friday and really hoping that I am at a more desirable weight by then so that I can invest in a few more key wardrobe pieces.

Anyhow, these are some of my amazing purchases from this weekend:

I made a few special purchases for myself at Gap Outlet, Mac Store and Fossil. But I'll just be highlighting the amazing specials I found for my babe ;)

H&M for the little guy: cardigan, sherpa lined boots, skinny jeans and suspenders

Cardigan: $7.95
boots: $17.95
skinnies: $9.95
suspenders: $4.95
Total: $40.80

Carters: in store and online

This was actually a two-pack of sleepers, but the other one is in the wash, so this is all you get! This was a sweet deal. I had recently shopped at Carters during double stamp Tuesdays for baby shower gifts, so I already had a $10 off coupon. Also, Carters was having 50% off their entire store for Labor day. The two pack of sleepers were marked down to $13, which is a great price already, but I only had to pay $3! Can I get a whoop whoop!! ;)

I also made a nice haul online. 50% off everything online, as well as an additional 20% off as I purchased $40+. I got some cute stuff. Gray sweater vest - I got two of these, one for this winter and one for next!

4 Bodysuits


Sleepers: $3
Two gray sweater vests: $16.50
4-Pack of bodysuits: $9.75
Sleeper: $6.00
+ $6 shipping
Total: $41.25


I know, I've already purchased a box at 50% off. This time my *husband* purchased a box during the labor day sale (haha!). It was an additional percent off, so we paid $18 for the box. Score!

Will post pics soon!

The Childrens Place: I totally hit the jackpot here. There were so many amazing sales going on.

Green and blue plaid shirt: $2.99 each
White tee: $3.99
Yellow polo: $2.99
Sleeper: $8
Blue stripe bodysuit: $3.99
Gray polo bodysuit: $1.99
total: $26.94


I had so much fun last weekend shopping for Cobi. Why are babies so much more fun to shop for than ourselves?! (And easier to spend money on as well!! I found many things I wanted ;))!!

Did you find any labor day deals? What are your favorite sales to shop?

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  1. I love your style so much! That's exactly how I dressed my son when he was little and I still love the same types of clothes. Funny thing is~ now I dress my daughter like this sometimes too! I have the same H&M cardigan, pants and suspenders! Now you're making me want to go get the Carter's vest! Totally wouldn't think they would have something like that!