Busy busy!

I need to post. I have a current list of posts that need to be written - I promise I will be working on them soon!

- Sleep training
We sleep-trained Cobi the week before he turned 6 months and had to try a few different methods before one stuck. I will be writing a comprehensive post on what sleep training was like for us.

- 6 month update
It's a little sad that Cobi turned seven months old today and I have yet to post his 6 month update. However - I have valid excuses: I got a new mac and the update was written on my PC. Come to find out OneNote doesn't work on a mac and now I need to go to my parent's to load OneNote to get his six month update. Shoot. Didn't think that one through :P

- 7 Month Update
Guess who turned 7 months today!!! Woohoo! He is getting so big and growing so fast.

These are just a few posts to come. I have many more in mind - such as product reviews!

Thanks for sticking with me :)

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