I am trying something new. I will be back to review it once my order comes!!

Wittlebee is an interesting phenomenon. Simply, you fill out a "style profile" that indicates your child's age and clothing preferences. For $39.99 a month you receive a box of several clothing items. You can specify whether you want to receive long sleeved shirts, short sleeve shirts, dresses, skirts, hats, swimwear, pants, shorts etc. You choose the items you need, but Wittlebee's personal stylists choose the items for you and send them in an adorable box.

I held off trying it, although I've had my eye on it since Mrs. Bee over at Hellobee did a fantastic post about it, mostly because of the price... and the fact that I don't really need more clothes for Jacobi. I have found a plethora at second hand sales, garage sales, thrift stores, gifts and hand-me-downs. I have clothes up past 2T and have paid less than $200 for his whole lot.

So spending $40 a month on clothes wasn't a necessity. However, I love the idea and model of the company - so cute! And for older kids, how fun would it be to receive a package every month?!

I snagged a 50% Wittlebee deal from Gumhouse which is allowing me to try it for a discount. I'm excited to get my first box!!

Sample boxes:

Wittlebee Girl:

Wittlebee Boy Preppy:

Wittle bee: another boy

Try it for yourself HERE!

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