Pediatrician Interview

I put this off for the longest time because I dreaded it so badly. Not only that, but I had no idea where to start looking for a doctor. I loved the care I received from the Birth Center and my midwife there, so at my 6-week post-partum visit, I asked for any recommendations for a doctor and they had one recommendation for a family doctor. 

I held my breath hoping that one shot is all it would take. I was so, so, so blessed that one visit was all it took to find the family doctor we LOVE. I loved her so much that I threw out half of my interview questions because I knew what the answers would be. 

 It was important to me however, that I ask important questions. I wanted to be sure that she identified with my views and the way I plan to raise Cobi. I wanted her support and input as a doctor, I knew I did not want a doctor who was going to question my parenting choices or put me down for doing or not doing something a certain way. 

 I really hit the jackpot with our doctor and I am so thrilled. It is actually exciting for me to take my baby to the doctor because I love the appointments! Now, how many mothers can say that?! 

 One thing I suggest is to be sure you know where you stand on a lot of medical and parenting issues. I wouldn't have known the questions to ask, or the answers I desired; if I didn't know what I wanted first. Once I established that I put together a list of questions. 

Some are basic questions that every practice should be asked; such as procedure for a sick child, same-day appointments, hospital affiliation and the like. 

::Our Interview::

::The Basics:: 

Why did you become a pediatrician? What is your favorite part of being in this practice?

How much time is allotted for each appointment?

Who is on-call when you’re not available?

What is your hospital association?

Are there separate sick/wellness checkup waiting rooms?

Procedure if my child is sick? Can I call anytime? If it’s outside of business hours, how long until I hear back from you? Are there same-day sick appointments?

Are there fees for consult-calls during the day or after hours?

Do you return all calls, or does your office?

Is emailing an option?

What is the schedule for well-baby checkups –why?

::Personal Preferences::

What is the percentage of mothers in your practice who exclusively breastfeed successfully?

What are your views on:
            Breastfeeding long-term
            Night nursing
            Formula feeding
            Alternative medicine (such as homeopathy, naturopathy or chiropractic)
            Sleeping arrangements for baby – such as cosleeping
            Feeding, solids – when to start, what foods?
            Antibiotics or medication for sick children

How do you respond when parents express different views than what you may suggest/recommend?

Do you identify with one parenting method/style more than another?

What are some of your favorite books to recommend regarding child care/babies?

Do you love your doctor? What questions would you add to this list? 

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  1. We all love doctors especially pediatricians. It’s because they can be as humorous and loving as a second parent for their young patients. Aside from the listed questions above, perhaps you can ask them what are their most memorable experiences in treating their kid patients, and how will they handle those who have ill tantrums.

    Chalice Lindgren