Organic Wishlist

I have found a few products lately that have sparked my interest and definitely added them to my wishlist. Each item is classified as organic and safe for babies, toddlers and kids.

1. EcoAssist Playdough $35 - this playdough is colored using plant-based dyes - how great is that?
2. We Can Too Edible Fingerpaint $30 - this is the product I am drooling over the most! It is edible paint that is formulated with organic ingredients like rice flour and dyed with beets, spinach, blueberries and pumpkin!
3. Reusable Organic Eco Snack Bags $30 for 6 -made completely with organic cotton these snack bags don't have any plastic in them at all! A huge plus in my mind. And they are way cuter than a ziploc!
4. Organic chevron Blanket $45 - This etsy seller makes all her own fabrics. These soft, organic jersey blankets are bright and beautiful.
5. Wooden Car and Truck Set $28 - Toy car and truck set that is finished with all-natural beeswax and flaxseed oil and colored with non-toxic VOC paint, safe for a baby to put in their mouth and they're so much more attractive than hot wheels!

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