Making Baby Purees

We started Baby J on solids just a little over a week ago! It has been so fun trying different foods and watching his reactions. I knew he was ready when he was trying to grab all of our food, and watching us intently as we ate.

the day we started Baby J on solids, 5 days after turning 5 months old!

Making his food has been equally as fun! There are so many options and it is so easy. I was blessed to be gifted many tools to help me make his food, in addition to having some of my own before Baby J was born.

1. Oster Blender $39.99 - I've been through many blenders and this has been the best budget blender I've ever used. As far as pureeing baby food, it works like a charm. I love the versatility - it will make my smoothies in the morning and my baby's food as well. It also has an ice crush option that works really well.

2. Baby Bullet System and Steamer $59 for system, $39.99 for steamer- for the functionality of this set, the price really is pretty reasonable. The baby bullet works really well, similar to how the magic bullet works. However, it doesn't always puree until smooth, sometimes it takes a few extra pulses. The advantage to this system though is that by having the pulse function, you have the option to choose the texture of the food. You can easily puree it for younger babies, but leave it quite textured for older children. The set comes with a puree blade as well as a grains milling blade so it's possible to make your own rice, oatmeal, barley and other grain cereals. Considering this system includes storage options, it is probably the best value.

3. Hamilton Beach Bebe Hand Blender $17.98 - the reason I love this tool is because of it's portability. It would be a lot of effort to pack up a blender or baby bullet system. With the bebe hand blender it would easily fit into a diaper bag. The only downside is that it does need a plug, so if you were at a park, it might not be a very functional option. This is a quick tool to have on hand. I like that I don't always have to take out the entire baby bullet system.

4. Ninja Food Processor $59.99 - This is another very versatile item. I have used it for countless recipes I make, but it also purees pretty decently. It does require a little more liquid, I think, to make a smooth puree. But for textured purees this is perfect as well.

5. Good ol' fashioned fork - many purees can be made simply with a fork; bananas, pear, avocado and cantaloupe. If some things are already steamed, carrots and sweet potatoes are perfect as well. Of course the versatility on this item is next to none!

6. Vitamix $449 - Obviously this is the most expensive. However, for die-hard smoothie makers this is often considered a must! It can make soups, grind and mill grains, puree and blend foods of all shapes, sizes and textures, crush ice, and countless other actions. This blender will definitely last many, many years. It definitely requires an investment and if you're not someone who makes smoothies nearly everyday, it may not be worth it for you personally.

Each of these tools I have personally used and loved each and every one for different purposes. I would recommend any of them, and really any would work individually for you (except perhaps the fork, unless you plan to feed your baby a steady diet of bananas, pear and avocado!).

What tools did you use to feed your baby for the first few months?

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