Third trimester baby!

So, I am pregnant with my first and anxious to be done being pregnant! After six months I was tired, big, heavy, in pain etcetera. Well, still have 12 weeks to go little one!
As funny as this may sound, one of the things I am most looking forward to is cloth diapering.. Yeah what mom actually looks forward to changing poopy diapers.... Moms who have cute fluff, that's who! So far I have acquired a stash of 20 fuzzibunzs one size, 1 bumgenius, and 6 gro-via AI2s with soakers. I decided to purchase two completely different systems because everywhere I went I read/was told not to make a big investment in one brand in case it just doesn't work for my little one.
Plus, I love the pocket style diapers best for my lifestyle- easy and convenient, and since I plan to line-dry it's nice to have a pocket system donut won't take as long.
I chose gro-via especially because i like that it is a hybrid. Since hubby's family lives in New York it's inevitable that we'll be traveling out there at least one week out of the year. I like knowing that I can use disposable inserts if I don't have access to a washing machine, or the time to do laundry on vacation. I deem gro-via as my "travel diaper", but who knows, I may end up liking the AI2 system better entirely! Which is why I got both.
Soo my initial cloth investment cost about $500, I got a little cloth happy! I didn't mean to spend that much honestly, I just kept finding good deals! It all started with the fuzzibunz promo on September 2011, buy 6 dipes, get 2 free! I couldn't pass it up. Not only that, but my retailer offered a discount package on six dipes anyway! The rest is history...
Though I really don't feel I paid much, I got many of my FB's on fluff swappers or zulily. I paid an average of only $13/diaper for fuzzibunzs one size.

Now one thing I don't have yet are cloth wipes. I am restraining myself (though they are not as much of a temptation since they're not nearly as cute as butt fluff), and putting them on my baby registry. Only after my shower will I succumb and buy them. Though, I don't know which brand to get... Hmm..

Autumn Beck over at All About Cloth Diapers loves Ragababes cloth wipes the best. I did register for a pack of flannel cloth wipes on amazon. My sister merely used a few packs of baby washcloths from target. Any suggestions??

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