My favorite Cloth Diaper Retailer

Soo back when I was three months pregnant (September), I found this amazing little store about 40 minutes from me, All Things Diapers, which sold a wide array of cloth diapers. It was beautiful! I attended their Cloth Diapering 101 class and it was the most hands-on, comprehensive research I had done thus far. Since getting pregnant in June, my research to find the cloth diapering system that would work for me had been running full force. But with all the information out there, and the millions of brands, I had no idea what I wanted/needed and felt overwhelmed! I was saved by going to this class, I was able to touch and feel all the different types of diapers. All of a sudden, all of that research just came together as I compared pocket styles, all in ones, prefolds + covers, fitteds, all in twos, etc etc. I loved being able to feel them, experience them. I loved interacting with the store owners and getting their feedback on systems that worked for them and what this cloth diapering movement was all about. I was able to choose which were my favorite brands, and then have feedback on the pros/cons. This trip saved me so much time and effort! I am SO THANKFUL to have found them. I love supporting local businesses, and on top of that they are a business I am EXCITED to support and tell all my friends about now! They are incredible. If you are a Minnesota native, PLEASE check them out. Although, their website ships all over the US as well, so check them out anyway!

Today, they are having a thirsties and hemp prefold! Go HERE to enter! And don't forget to like their facebook page! Show those small businesses some love :)

What are some of your favorite small businesses, especially pertaining to babies?

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